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Colibri Grants, Inc. is a public non-profit organization committed to grant making in the fields of arts and education. Our grantmaking focus is on putting money directly into the classrooms of public elementary school teachers to help build an enriching, vibrant, and equitable classroom experience for students. Our goal is to provide relief from the out-of-pocket expenses classroom teachers incur during the school year.

Originally launched as a grant program of L'Aiglon Foundation in 2014, Colibri Grants has issued 585 grants to classrooms across the US, helping influence the education of over 14,000 students. Marking a new chapter in it's evolution, the program has now become it's own public non-profit in 2017 with the goal of growing its grant making capacity and furthering engagement between educators and grantmakers.

How we use donations

We operate with minimal indirect costs in an effort to put as much of every dollar raised toward programming. More funding towards programming means more classrooms supported, and that's what we're all about. It's as simple as that.

Who benefits from these grants?

Every year teachers are spending on average $530 out-of-pocket on classroom supplies to keep their students engaged and passionate about learning. We see school administrators doing their best to support faculty with the resources available, but when the funds are all allocated, there's still a gap. Each school year, the news and the internet are filled with stories of increasingly creative ways teachers are devising to mount the support and the funds they need to run their classrooms effectively.

Our programs benefit the educators who are fundraising, teaching, and still coming out-of-pocket to provide their students with a safe and engaging learning environment. In addition to those educators, we're benefitting the 25+ students who are building experiences and memories in an engaging, diverse, empowering classroom setting.